How to Qualify for Workers Comp

Workers compensation insurance is available to all employees working in an environment where 10 or more employees work. It is offered to workers who’ve been injured while performing work-related tasks on the job. However, being injured doesn’t automatically qualify you for the benefits. In fact, some people find they need a workers compensation attorney Salem Oregon to help them even after what they’ve been through. Do you qualify for a workers comp claim after your injury?

It is important to refer to your employee handbook that outlines the guidelines concerning injuries at the workplace. You’ll be notified of the proper ways to handle this situation. The most important thing to do after an injury is report it to your supervisor immediately, as well as get the medical attention necessary to heal your injuries. Duties at work can wait. Nothing is more important than your health and safety, so do not attempt to continue working after your injury.

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If there’s more questions concerning workers compensation claims after consulting the handbook, you can check the internet to learn the state laws surrounding workplace injuries. Guidelines vary from one state to the next, though they’re pretty similar in any state. When you use the internet for information, be sure that you find legitimate sources of information from trustworthy names. There are many sources of information that is inaccurate.

You can also speak to an attorney concerning questions of workers compensation. It might be best that you hire an attorney to ensure that you get justice. An experienced attorney can help you better determine your eligibility for benefits. Many attorneys will speak to you at no cost during what is known as a consultation. There is no obligation to receive the consultation to discuss your case in greater detail.