How One Young Man Curbed His Enthusiasm For Anger Overnight

This is a short story about what happened to one single young man who also happened to be a very angry man indeed. No wonder he was single all this time. His continuous ranting and raving would strike fear in the hearts of any respectable girl who only desired peace to go along with the love. He never believed a word of the saying to make love not war. Apart from always having a war with words with respectable folks out there, this angry young man was having a real world war with himself.

On his good days, he would simply sulk and never say a word. Thank goodness for that is what others still in close proximity to him would be saying. And on his bad days then of course, he would simply snap and let whoever was near to him have it, even though it was never their fault to begin with. The fault was all his. He snapped so horribly that all hell broke loose. Yes, that’s right folks, the gates of hell finally opened.

online anger management courses

It would be incorrect to say that the floodgates opened, even though there were plenty of tears about. But this angry chap only started shedding his crocodile tears once the presiding judge severely but kindly reprimanded him and ordered him to start attending online anger management courses. You may have seen the movie but now you’ve got to see how it works in the flesh. Well, not quite, seeing as these anger management courses are being carried out online.

This is to cater for those angry young men who need to spend a lot of their time elsewhere and perhaps their personal circumstances prevent them from traveling long distances to get to class.