Crimes That You Need an Attorney to Handle

Criminal attorneys are there when you’ve been charged with a crime and arrested. Although not all crimes are serious enough to warrant the need for an attorney, many are, and it is imperative the attorney is hired to represent you in court. What are the crimes that require attorneys in Jacksonville FL to help you stay out of trouble?

You probably can go to court on your own without an attorney for a minor traffic infraction like a speeding ticket, though something more serious, like driving on a suspended license (FOR) may need a lawyer to help you with since potential jail time comes with this charge. The jail time is only one of the many consequences that you receive when you’re caught DOR.

Have you been charged with domestic violence? This is a serious charge that can certainly leave your world shattered and turned upside down. It can also tremendously impact your life if you are convicted of the crime. With an attorney representing you in court, you get the opportunity to give your side of the story and face less hazards in the end.

Assault charges are also those usually requiring an attorney. It is illegal to assault another person and can land you with either a misdemeanor or felony charge, depending upon the actions taken during the assault. Whether you’re charged with a simple assault or aggravated assault, make sure there is an attorney to represent you in court.

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Your life’s on the line when you’re charged with any type of crime. There are many criminal cases that need the help of an attorney to remedy, including those we’ve listed above. Make sure to hire a great attorney to represent you in court to ensure that you can stand and fight the charges that you are accused of committing.